It’s must for non-EU students to show sufficient financial means to get German student visa. These financial means can be in the form of scholarship, sponsor or blocked account. Blocked account is one of the most commonly used financing option for Germany. Normally, students can open blocked account in different German banks like; Deutsche bank, Fintiba and X-patrio. But in some countries, German missions approved few local banks to provide this facility.

Pakistani students had no option in past to open blocked account in a local bank. Such as Indian students have option to open blocked account in Kotak Mahindra Bank from past several years. But recently, UBL Pakistan has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the German Embassy Islamabad. Through this collaboration; UBL Pakistan can provide facility of blocked account to Pakistani students. This blocked account will be a FCY Euro account with blocked funds as per German embassy requirement. These blocked funds would be later transferred to the student’s account in Germany.

The signing ceremony was attended by Mr. Aameer Karachiwalla, CFO-UBL and Ms. Ina Lepel, Ambassador of Germany to Pakistan. (Photo credit UBL Pakistan)

Procedure to open block account in UBL Bank:

You can easily open this account at any UBL branch in Pakistan that deals with foreign exchange. Existing accounts of family members can be used as well to block the funds. Follow this procedure to open block account in UBL Bank.

  • First arrange 10,236 euros in cash or any form as per German embassy requirement.
  • Visit any UBL branch that deals with foreign exchange and ask for FCY Euro account with block funds for the purpose of issuance of German Student Visa.
  • Bank will first open your FCY Euro account and request to deposit required money. Later bank will block funds for German student visa.
  • Get confirmation of blocked funds with bank statement and use it for student visa application.

Note: In case, you already have a FCY account. Just deposit required money in that account and request to block it for the purpose of issuance of German Student Visa. You can use your blood relation’s FCY account as well to blocked the funds.

Documents requirement to open block account in UBL bank:

You required following documents to open FCY Euro account with blocked funds:

  • The agreement for block funds printed on Rs.200/- stamp paper, attached as annexure
    • Annexure A – customer agreement – where student is the account holder (joint – either or survivor with parent/ guardian/ relative)
    • Annexure B – third party customer agreement – where parent/ guardian/ relative of the student is the account holder
  • Annexure C – Letter of authority – to be signed by account holder
  • Copy of CNIC of account holder
    • If you are using someone else account then CNIC copy of both account holder and beneficiary (student)
  • Copy of passport of the beneficiary (student)
  • Copy of German university issued admission letter / offer letter

Release of Blocked Funds on Visa Approval:

After successfully getting the German student visa, must visit UBL bank for the release of blocked funds. You need following documents for the release of blocked funds:

  • Copy / scanned image of the student’s passport with student visa stamp.
  • Request of the account holder to release block funds.
  • Original NOC issued by the German Embassy for release of blocked funds (Not mandatory submit if available).
  • German bank account details to transfer the funds (if available). Otherwise submit later after moved to Germany.
  • Copies of all the document must be duly stamped by two ISP/POA holders of the branch of the bank. (request bank manager for this stamp)

Release of Blocked Funds on Visa Rejection:

Account holder require following documents to release blocked funds in case of visa rejection.

  • Copy of the student’s passport (showing visa rejected) or letter from the German Embassy/ Consulate confirming visa has been rejected.
  • Original NOC issued by the German Embassy for release of block funds.

How to Access UBL Blocked Funds in Germany?

After arriving in Germany, open a student account in any local German bank. Get all the bank details included IBAN. Send these details to UBL branch in which you have FCY Euro account. Then UBL bank will transfer these funds to your German bank account. Once you received your money, use it and stay happy in Germany.

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FAQs about UBL blocked account:

Will I have to open another student blocked account in Germany to use UBL blocked funds?

You don’t need to open another blocked account in Germany to access this money. Instead with a normal student account you can access this money. As you already blocked your money in UBL. So they will send 853 euros each month in your German bank account.
You can show UBL blocked account confirmation in foreigners office for visa extension. In case foreigners office demand a blocked account in local German bank. Then open in any local bank like Sparkasse, Commerzbank etc.

Is UBL is good option to open a blocked account?

It depends in your own choice. If you want to keep your money in your country and have fear of visa rejection. Then UBL can be a good option. Otherwise choose easy options like Fintiba or Deutsche bank.

What is the difference between UBL Euro account and Blocked Account?

In UBL first you need to open a normal FCY Euro account. Then request to put blockage on this account as per German embassy requirements. This blockage made this Euro account to a Blocked account.

What does FCY means?

It means Foreign currency account.

Can all UBL branches open blocked account?

No, only those UBL branches can open blocked account that deals with foreign exchange.

Can I use my father/mother/brother FCY account to block funds?

Yes, you can use FCY account of your blood relations.

What is UBL customer center number for info?

111-825-888 (UAN)