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Application Procedure via Uni Assist

In order to apply through uni-assist and pay the application fee. Follow this step by step process.

  1. Visit uni assist website and register yourself.
  2. Then fill the application form with required information. In higher education entrance qualification, select the option which has the “Intermediate Examination” word in it. If you have an intermediate certificate and a 4 or 5 years bachelor degree, “Studienkolleg” does not apply to you. If you are applying to an international course with English as a medium of instruction, you don’t need German language test qualification.
  3. Submit the application form online and print it.
  4. Download the credit card payment form from the uni-assist website. Fill it completely. Write your applicant number, phone number and your email id on the form.
  5. Place your application form on top of the required documents which must be notarized. Place the payment form on top of the application form. Seal them in an envelope.
  6. In case, you are applying to more than one university, place all the application forms on top of the documents. Place the payment form on top of the application form. Seal them in an envelope.
  7. Write the following address on the sealed envelope. (name of the university) c/o uni-assist e.V. Geneststraße 5 10829 Berlin GERMANY 7. In case of more than one application, write any university name you are applying to.
  8. Send the envelope through a any courier service.

Important tips about application fee:

For multiple applications, you still have to send one set of notarized documents. You do not need any online transaction slip to pay the fees. Uni-assist’s own credit card form is enough. Once you send the form along the application form and documents. Uni-assist will register your mail and will deduct the money from your credit card. This process usually takes upto 1 week.

Once your payment is received. Uni-assist will update the fees paid status on your online portal to “YES”. You will also receive an acknowledgement email. In case you are paying through UBL Internet wiz card, you’ll need a total amount to Fees+0.035Fees. If you are paying 75 euros, you’ll have to load and amount of 75×119.17+0.035(75×119.17) Rupees. UBL Wiz Card charges a currency exchange tax at the rate of 3.5% of the total amount.